Absolutely - in fact we would encourage you to. Around 50% of our new business comes in from personal recommendation and we are proud of the strong relationships we have with our customers.

With clients that range from 1-2 person 'lifestyle' agencies, right through to a FTSE100 quoted company, we will be able to put you in touch with someone in your sector, with similar requirements that is using evolve™ today.

We can offer CSV format exports to accommodate almost any back office system including Voyager Mid-Office, Sage® and Tempest®.

We also offer automated integration solutions to provide data to a number of outsourced back office providers including Hydra, GIANT Services and Inside Out.

Multi-tenant architectures rely on large numbers of servers (we have over 80) all working together in unison to deliver users unparalleled reliability and power. If you care about reliability, scalability and flexibility and want to deliver a hosted application to large numbers of users, then a multi-tenant architecture is the only way to do it!

Building a multi-tenant architecture isn’t a trivial task either (you can’t just buy them off the shelf). It took us over 3 years and thousands of man hours to design and implement the system we have today. We are the only provider in this marketplace to have this kind of infrastructure in place.

evolve™ supports the UTF8 character set for data and documents (CVs in Cyrillic are no problem!) so it is best termed as 'language ready'.  At this time,  the user interface, training materials and support site are only available in English and Polish. Additional languages could be provided quite quickly on demand. 

Yes! evolve™ is agnostic when it comes to currency, so whether it's US Dollars, British Pounds, Japanese Yen or the Costa Rican 'Colon' (yes really!), then even if we don't have it in the default configuration, we can add it with no problem.

It does. Credit control workflow is standard in the product, as is the ability to set who has access to this data.

Since evolve™ is a full-time, 24hr per-day, 7 day per-week, 52 week per-year system, we are only able to sell full-time licenses!

With over 200 recruitment companies in the UK using evolve™ to run their businesses, there is a good chance that we already have the key feature you are after. evolve has a huge amount in it and after 8 years of development, the product is both mature and stable with lots of 'detail' that you don't tend to get with new (and therefore unproven) systems.

Having said that, we recognise that we don’t have the monopoly on good ideas and many of the great features that evolve™ has have come about as a result of an idea or request from a customer.

Even better, our Continuous Development Program™ means that if the feature you need is something that we think everyone else will benefit from, then we will commit to include is as part of our development program. If you would like to check that we have something specific though, please do contact our pre-sales team.

We support Broadbean’s posting and applicant tacking system. Read more about it on our partner pages here.

Yes! As of version 5.1 Evolve runs natively in both 32 and 64 bit environments.

Yes, The document management system in evolve™ integrates with Microsoft Word® directly to allow you to produce one or multiple contracts (and any document that uses data from evolve™) in real time with a single click of the button.

Each time a document is subsequently edited, a copy of the document, together with a history item showing who worked on it and what was edited is saved back to the system against the appropriate database record.

In theory, you could use a Macintosh® computer either with Windows® Natively (since Macintosh® switched to Intel CPUs a couple of years ago this has been possible – even dual boot with things like Bootcamp®), or with a virtualisation product like VM Ware (we actually use VM Ware for testing different configurations of PC, so it does work).

We don’t have any plans to support Mac OS natively though.

In theory you can (evolve™ can be accessed from any physical location via the internet), however it does depend on the set-up that the individual Internet café has. Some (the better ones), allow you to set-up and install software on a per-session basis (the PC is reset when you stop using it). evolve™ needs certain software to be installed in order to access various system components.

Alternatively, many users simply take their laptops with them and then of course can access it from anywhere with a wireless connection (although in an office evnironment, we don't recommend using wireless networks for general use).

Lots! Probably too many to list here, but one of the key points of focus in the V4 release of evolve was to substantially increase the range of access controls that were available at individual user level.

You can (for example) set a user to have view-only rights to Client Accounts (because you only want your credit control team to be able to access the records for writing), but allow them full access to Candidate Accounts (each time the data in accounts is changed, a record is written into history anyway that shows who and what was changed).

This is one of dozens of similar options, and since we are adding to them the whole time, it’s difficult to maintain a precise list, so please contact one of our pre-sales team with any specific questions you have on this subject.

Not right now. Its something we have been asked about in the past and if enough people start asking, then we will look at it again.

Terminal Services® and Citrix® Environments

Not right now, due to a limitation in the way terminal Services supports shared system services..

Although in fact most of evolve does seem to work OK in a Terminal Services® environment (including tokens and user login), there are complications with multi-session support for the components (kernel-mode drivers) that handle virtual storage integration. This isn't a limitation of evolve™, but rather is a problem that Terminal Server® and Citrix® have with lots of advanced applications that work at system level.

And with a slow but steady move away from Terminal Services® solutions (because of these limitations), towards virtualised 'VDI' environments like Xen® and VMWare®, see below), we don't think that much is going to change that will allow this anytime soon.

VDI Environments - Citrix 'Xen Desktop'® and VMWare®

Although desktop virtualisation is a very new technology, it is set to replace Terminal Services® and Citrix® type solutions (which was why Citrix® bought Xen® in 2007) in the hosted desktop arena.

Because these technologies provide 100% hardware emulation to the terminal (you can use either a regular PC or 'dumb' terminal with them), evolve™ works exactly as it should (including USB pass through).

You can read more about VDI on the VMWare® site.

No. Many of the technologies we use rely on the close integration that is available between Microsoft Internet Explorer® and the Windows® Desktop.

You are free to use other browsers (we like Firefox®) for day to day browsing though.

Maybe. It depends what it is of course. If it’s a feature for evolve™, then we’d encourage you to submit it to our Continuous Development Program™ which means that others could benefit from it - and you would get it at no additional cost. If it is something that’s separate from evolve™ itself, then do ask and we’ll take a look.

Yes. Our architecture design does allow for customisation of the evolve™ system to suit individual business requirements, although we would first encourage you to look closely at what is possible as standard before choosing this route. In truth, we don’t do much customisation these days as most people find that the system already does what they need in one configuration or another.

You should also consider our Continuous Development Program™ which means that if your idea is good and we think it will benefit other users, we may include it in our development roadmap which means that you will get it at no additional cost.

Yes. Our security model requires that every user of evolve™ uses a hardware key (their proper name is 'token') to identify themselves to the system.

Without a key (or to be precise, without the unique Digital Certificate that resides on the key and identifies the user), it isn’t even possible to get past our perimeter network firewalls.

This system (called a '2-factor' Public Key Infrastructure) is used to guarantee a level of security and accountability that is just not possible with username and password solutions. You can read more about tokens, authentication and why we use a Public Key Infrastructure here.

evolve™ offers three levels of reporting, two of which are standard in the system, the third being a Management Information System (MIS) based around the popular Jasper reporting engine, available to customers who wish to make use of the sophisticated output formatting that the system offers.

Included within the product itself are a set of simple activity and administration reports that allow every user access to the straightforward metrics and administrative tasks that are useful on a day to day basis.

For management, the evolve Data Export and Reporting System (DE for short) offers a range of over 80 standard reports, accessible to designated users from a separate reporting portal.

The DE system allows reports to be scheduled (it can email you reports at a time of your choosing) and reports are provided in standard Microsoft Excel format, ready for re-processing or importing into other tools.

As a third option, we are also able to offer a stand-alone MIS reporting system. In addition to a dedicated report writer and query language, this allows the production of very high quality bespoke reports, with full formatting control. Please speak to the sales team about this option.

You can. One of the key features of the evolve™ architecture is that it allows managers to report and analyse on many aspects of user activity, beginning with login, right through the updates to key records they make and workflow processes they go through. And because evolve™ is unique in using 2-factor authentication (hardware keys), you can be 100% certain of who is who.

Yes. It is one of the unique features that set us apart from other web delivered solutions.

We have FULL Microsoft Word® mail merge and document storage integration and you can load from/save back to evolve (which records the activity automatically against the record), just as you would from your desktop PC. There’s no need to go through the painful ‘Save As’ > ‘Browse’>’Upload’ process that other web based products have.

Most importantly, we can do this for multi-document mail merges too. So you can generate a mailshot, contracts or anything you like against any list of records in the system (you can mail merge against all of the recordset types in evolve including Clients, Contacts, Vacancies, Accounts, Candidates, Shortlists, Interviews and Placements).

Documents in evolve are accessible to you directly via our proprietary virtual storage solution ensure™ which means no more messing around with clumsy web based interfaces.

We don’t do trial versions of the system because without the benefit of post sale set-up and configuration consultancy (and training on the product).

The thing is, evolve™ is a BIG system - it does a lot! much, much more in fact than the majority of other systems out there and unless they have had the system setup, configured and explained properly to them, they don't really get to see the full potential that the system has.

Not any more. Unfortunately many of the advanced features available in later versions of Microsoft Office® and Windows XP® just aren’t available in earlier versions and so we took the decision to stop supporting these products at aroudn the same time Microsoft stopped providing official support.


Yes, evolve™ provides one of the most complete levels of Microsoft Outlook® integration available via use of the optional plug-in modules available specifically for that purpose. Contacts, tasks, diary and email can all be synchronised with  evolve™.

However, evolve’s™ own email client provides many features that are not available from Microsoft Outlook (email mailmerge, templating, automatic document attachment with inline mail merging etc) so it worth using these powerful features as the primary mail agent for your recruitment activity.

We offer industry leading support with a range of way to access our services including business hours telephone helpdesk support, a 24hr, 7 day per week online support portal with email ticketing and online issue tracking all backed up by proactive account management by people who understand recruitment and will make it part of their role to learn about your business.

Put simply - we consider ourselves a service company providing a technology product, rather than a technology company providing a service.

Very and yes you can!

evolve™ has over 100 different tables to store data in and there is a good chance that there will already be a field to fit.

We can of course also offer customisation, however the introduction of the Compliance Modeller™ in version 4 allows you to design and set additional questions and data fields, along with complete workflow control.