Management Reporting

You can only measure the results of an integrated system when you can see how effectively users are working.

evolve™ gives you the tools to achieve that, bringing multiple reporting options to personnel across your business. So while a consultant can access real-time performance or internal activity reports, a manager can gain more in-depth performance and ROI data.

evolve’s™ reporting system integrates with Microsoft Excel®, so you can process and save all data off-line.

Internal Reports: designed to allow users quick and easy access to a range of simple activity and workflow based reports.




The evolve Data Export and Reporting System: available as a plugin to evolve, this stand-alone reporting platform lets users access and export a wide range of reports. The system delivers data in standard Excel format, with scheduling and email delivery options available.



Download a sample evolve Data Export system export (Microsoft Excel® format) here  Microsoft Excel icon integration with evolve