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Simple, fast, effective. Recruitment software doesn't need to be complicated.

The benefits of a specialist supplier

At FCP we develop evolve, cloud based recruitment database for recruitment businesses.

We are often presented with clients who would like to build their own solution on a generic platform who feel that this strategy will result in their perfect solution.

A few words of warning…

  1. Software development is NOT quick. When you start, the issue seems pretty straightforward, its just a fancy spreadsheet right? Wrong! You’ll quickly discover this is not the case. If you add a function, it has options. These require the system to respond or interact differently, or invoke a different process. A decent robust solution will need to accommodate this. If you are paying someone else to do the work then this will manifest as “extras” and “delays” and wherever the work is happening it will result in workload.
  2. Once you have a solution there will always be some maintenance required going forwards, be it when the database needs updating, or a user fills out a form incorrectly and breaks the system (or the most annoying – 3rd party updates breaking something else).
  3. Is the hardware in place “man enough for the job” both today and moving forward? Many tools have limits – 256 characters, 50,000 records etc. When this limit is reached they either fall or flake.
  4. What happens in the worst case?I knew a recruitment agency who contracted a virus via a CV. This infected the normal word template and consequently every CV they added from that point became infected too. The infection then hit its payload date and the virus did what viruses do. This cost the business 3 days of damage limitation and 50% of their database, and worse that 50% were the newer, current candidates.
  5. What about a disaster recovery position? How can you recover from a catastrophic situation safely and without a loss of service and / or data.
  6. There are many more…

Evolve is a tested and proven internet-based recruitment system, bringing instant global data to your desktop delivering powerful search, calendaring, management, communication and reporting functionality – all from a standard Windows PC securely over an internet connection.

We would be delighted to show you how evolve can be used to empower your business.


evolve™ is unique - we host it on our own servers (around 80 of them!). This means you don't need to spend money on new technology and new IT resources.


evolve™ is also the clear choice for ambitious recruitment agencies that anticipate growth (of any size!) in the future.


evolve™ comes with an industry leading 99.999% availability (5nines). What this means to you is the promise of less than 6 minutes of total downtime a YEAR!

Simple, fast, effective. Recruitment software doesn't need to be complicated.

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