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Simple, fast, effective. Recruitment software doesn't need to be complicated.

Unlock your data

Often when we first set up new customers on the evolve system they have a significant amount of data which their business holds.  This might be just a simple spreadsheet or data base of clients and contacts but will often include many thousands of CV’s which have been accumulated over the preceding years.

Evolves unique CV pooling concept allows these documents to be indexed and searched using booleen expressions to uncover specific skillsets or groups of candidates at whom marketing activity can then be targeted.  In many instances these CV’s can be used to create records in the database further enhancing the “searchabillty” of these candidates.

Usually this initial data import is considered to be a part of the setup process meaning that these potentially valuable records can be used in current and future client searches leveraging the benefit drawn from “overspill” candidates (those surplus to the immediate requirements for a role).

Furthermore, there can be no doubt that there is value in these specific candidates.  They were initially generated from activity instigated by the customer and so have already been party to a broad selection process, driven by a previous requirement. In short they are the type of candidate the agency seeks on an ongoing basis.

Give us a call and let us show you how to unlock this valuable resource. . . . . .


evolve™ is unique - we host it on our own servers (around 80 of them!). This means you don't need to spend money on new technology and new IT resources.


evolve™ is also the clear choice for ambitious recruitment agencies that anticipate growth (of any size!) in the future.


evolve™ comes with an industry leading 99.999% availability (5nines). What this means to you is the promise of less than 6 minutes of total downtime a YEAR!

Simple, fast, effective. Recruitment software doesn't need to be complicated.

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