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Simple, fast, effective. Recruitment software doesn't need to be complicated.

Support at every stage.

We’re committed to providing a fast response to any query, development or training need you may have. We realise that we are your IT team and we take that responsibility very seriously, with highly trained and well resourced support services that ensure you get the most from your investment in evolve™.

About us

Simple, fast, effective. Recruitment software doesn't need to be complicated.

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Continuous Development Program™

You get seamless upgrades, free of charge and as soon as they become available. We also welcome your own suggestions for enhancements through our proactive account team and user group sessions.

Our Support Service Charter

We aim to make using evolve™ a great experience. Our goal has always been to ensure that our customers enjoy the very best support – and we’ve the systems in place to make sure that it’s more than a promise, but a guarantee.

Telephone Support

Our highly trained and resourced telephone support team is available to instantly pick up on queries from you or your consultants as they arise.

Proactive Support

Our team of Account Managers will take the time to visit you, explore how you are using evolve™ and work with you to ensure you are enjoying all the benefits that the system can deliver.

Online Support

As well as a quick search Knowledge Base and How-To guides, the portal includes news and information, tips on how to customise evolve™ for your individual use and a large catalogue of hints to help you maximise the potential of the system.

Training Support

We know how to get the best from evolve™, and we’ll make sure that everybody in your business will be confident and comfortable with evolve’s™ functionality - and able to rapidly turn that knowledge into positive results.

Plugins & Modules

With evolve™, you are not just buying into proven recruitment workflow management technology - but into a network of partners that deliver a complete solution to sourcing candidates, managing workflow, co-ordinating communications and integrating with back office billing and timesheet systems.

Candidate CV Pool Replication

Data Export System

Campaign Manager™

Broadbean Integration

The Compliance Modeller™


evolve™ is unique - we host it on our own servers (around 80 of them!). This means you don't need to spend money on new technology and new IT resources.


evolve™ is also the clear choice for ambitious recruitment agencies that anticipate growth (of any size!) in the future.


evolve™ comes with an industry leading 99.999% availability (5nines). What this means to you is the promise of less than 6 minutes of total downtime a YEAR!

Simple, fast, effective. Recruitment software doesn't need to be complicated.

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